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The other игровые автоматы вулкан vulcan casino xbq major players in Las Vegas, MGM Resorts International and Las Vegas Sands Corp., have both said that vulkan stars промокод their casinos are not interested in using cryptocurrency. But you can use it to pay for the room, you can’t use Bitcoin to pay for dinner or other hotel amenities like the pool. It still could be a while before more casinos make a move, but there are some other countries that are getting closer to using it internationally. Bitcoin is also known for holding its value and now more players from the tech industry may choose to frequent the casino. The U.S, vulkan stars промокод if it takes well on the international market. Bitcoin would not only help move away from physically currency, it could also attract a younger audience, something that is also important to Vegas casinos.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board says that it would like to see higher demand from casino operators before it legalizes Bitcoin. The Golden Gate, owned by the same group as D, also accepts Bitcoin at the front desk.

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